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Good Shepherd Collective

As a small grassroots organization, we understand the importance of working collaboratively. The Good Shepherd Collective continues to grow because we double down on what we are good at and find partnerships where we can complement each other, creating synergy rather than competition. Here are some of the things that we can offer tour agencies and tour group leaders. Learn more below.


Create new experiences

From learning how to bake traditional Bedouin bread to weaving textiles, the Good Shepherd Collective offers multiple ways that your tour groups can have a hands-on experience. And while we have several different options listed on our page for the general public, we are also happy to sit down and customize experiences relevant to your target groups.

Collaborative marketing

From graphic design and new distribution networks to photography and videography, let’s work together to promote your up-coming tours and opportunities.

Be a part of a growing community

The people who come back year after year come back because of the relationships they develop. They return because they become invested in communities, and want to nourish those relationships. We want you to be a part of this emerging community.

Partner in advocacy

For tour operators and group leaders, it is a full-time job to ensure that your trips are filled to maximum capacity. The Good Shepherd Collective can work with you to pass on local advocacy initiatives to your clients so they stay engaged and recruit others to take come and take part in justice work.

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