Getting to Um al-Khair on public transport

There are tons of options, so email us

There is no direct way to get to Um al Khair by public transportation, but it is possible and certainly more cost-efficient for those who have a little bit of time to spare. We recommend that you plan ahead to give yourself sufficient time to make it to the village, but you can also keep us updated on your estimated arrival time and we will always do our best to be flexible about our agreed-upon schedule. 

One thing to note: traffic is heaviest on weekdays in the mornings and evenings, when most people are headed to or from work. Thursday afternoons and evenings are particularly busy, as the Muslim and Jewish weekend begins on Friday.

We also recommend that anyone taking public transportation carries extra cash on the off chance that the fares are slightly higher than we know them to be, and of course in case of emergency.

To get to Um al Khair by public transportation, you will need to take the journey in three stages:

  1. Take the service from Bethlehem to Hebron. Services to Hebron can be found in Bethlehem by the bus stop in Bab al Zaqaq, or occasionally (but not necessarily always!) at Checkpoint 300. You will need this service to drop you off at the main bus station in Hebron (in Arabic, Markez al Bus or Mahatat al Bus).
    Length of travel: 1 to 2 hours depending on traffic
    Cost: 9 shekels
  2. From Hebron, take the service to Yatta. You will find this service at the same place the service from Bethlehem will drop you off at–the main bus station in Hebron. You will need to be dropped off at the station right off of Route 60 in the village of Zeef. It is called the Zeef Rest Stop (in Arabic, Istirahat Zeef).
    Length of travel: 45 minutes to 1 ½ hours depending on traffic
    Cost: 8 shekels
  3. When you near the stop, let us know and we will send a driver from the village to pick you up and bring you directly to Um al Khair.
    Length of travel: 5-15 minutes
    Cost: Included in your purchase!*

Please feel free to get in contact with us ahead of time if you feel like you are in need of any additional information regarding traveling to Um al Khair–including if you are coming from somewhere that is not Bethlehem and need tips on how to get there or find transportation closer to where you are located. We are more than happy to pass on any information that we have to help make your journey go smoothly, and we will be in contact with you as you head over (although unfortunately, we cannot control the traffic!). You can reach us at

*If your party is made up of more than five people, we may need to charge a fee to organize additional transportation or sort out another arrangement with you, as our local driver has limited capacity in his vehicle. Please reach out to us ahead of time if that is the case, so we can decide together what the best option will be!

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